Christopher Wade

Head of Employee Advocacy

"It’s great to see smiling faces, but also proud ones that have accomplished together what would not have been possible individually."

Interview with Aaron Saint John
20 April 2023

In the run-up to Internal Communications Europe 2023, we asked Christopher Wade (Head of Employee Advocacy, HERE Technologies) a few burning questions about his upcoming presentation.

we.CONECT: The pop in your job — Chris, you work as Head of Employee Advocacy at HERE Technologies— which of your tasks and responsibilities would you highlight as particularly exciting?

Chris: What is especially exciting about my job are the close interactions I have with both our top leadership (C-suite) and our wider employee base. I have to support the execution of our company vision and strategy by advising and supporting our C-suite in translating what these mean for our employees. At the same time, I have to ensure leadership is hearing what is on the minds of our employees and what they/we need to do to better support them in executing on the vision and strategy.

The myriad channels, events, activities, and interactions to successfully support both these stakeholders is what keeps the job strategic, dynamic, and challenging — and what also makes it so much fun and rewarding!

we.CONECT: What is most rewarding about your role and why are you passionate about your job?

Chris: To see the impact the work that my team and our diverse set of collaborators can have on employee sentiment and company performance. It’s great to see smiling faces, but also […]

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